Our Congregation

Church services are the focus of the life of our congregation. The members of the congregation meet there, but guests are always welcome, too. The various groups that stay in the Lutheran House of Youth located nearby also enrich the church services in a variety of ways.

Sunday services are usually held according to the traditional Lutheran liturgy, which dates back originally to the liturgy that was used in the first few centuries of the Christian church. In addition to these traditional services, there are many other types of services which are rich in church music, as well as services catered to the needs of youth and of families with young children. While the Sunday service is being held-it usually begins at 10:30 a.m.-there is also a special children's service that is held in the congregation's assembly hall. In this way God's word is preached to the youngest members of the church in a way that they can understand.

On weekdays the members of the congregation meet in different groups (youth groups, women's groups, bible study, etc.). These groups are also involved periodically in the church services. In addition, the members have ample opportunity in their church groups to discuss questions they have about their faith or discipleship.

One of the most important aspects of the life of the congregation-and, for that reason, of the pastor's work, as well-is confirmation class. It lasts three years and is for the most part based on Dr. Martin Luther's Small Catechism. The confirmation material is presented in a modern and understandable way and also explored, whenever possible, in depth.

Because the congregation is not too large for personal contact, the pastor knows the members well and by name and can visit many of them regularly.